Md Dilshadur Rahman

Graduate Research Assistant at Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI)

Curriculum vitae


Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

University of Utah

WEB 3760, 72 Central Campus Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Annotations in Visualizations

Dr. Rosen and I are investigating how people annotate different common chart types when they want to communicate information using them. As part of this project, we ran a study to understand how visualization students annotate group bar charts when asked to answer high-level questions by performing low-level analytical tasks. We found interesting usage patterns of annotations. More details can be found in our viscomm paper

Using Behavioral Nudges in Peer Review

We along with our collaborators at the University of South Florida are working on building a peer review dashboard where we want to apply the nudge theory to improve the quality of peer reviews. The main idea is to use behavioral nudges in a way so that students spend more time doing peer reviews and generate good quality peer reviews that are useful for their peers. 

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